Recycled Plastic Necklaces Featured at Miami Swim Week | Bloggers Night Out

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Jenne Rayburn Recycled Plastic Statement Necklaces and Cuff Bracelets were featured at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim at a party for  Miami based fashion bloggers on July 19th, hosted by Bloggers Night Out and sponsored by Plastics Make it Possible, Schick Quattro for Women, Orchid Boutique and LYST.

Jenne Rayburn Recyled Plastic Statement Necklaces at Bloggers Night Out Miami

Jenne Rayburn Recycled Plastic Statement Necklace on Mannequin in Blue and Cuff Bracelets at Back. Bloggers Night Out Miami

Jenne Rayburn Recycled Plastic Statement Necklace

Recycled Plastic Loops Necklace Featured at Miami Swim Week Bloggers Night Out

Thank you to stylist Isabelle Philogene, Allyson Wilson at the American Chemistry Council and PR firm Ogilvy & Mather!

Recycled Plastic “Loops” Statement Necklace and Recycled Plastic “Buttons” Necklace, Featured at Miami Swim Week, Bloggers Night Out


Recycled Plastic Statement Jewelry

March 15, 2012 § 2 Comments

Bold, architectural accessories handcrafted from recycled plastic – a material that has been reclaimed from unwanted plastic foot ware.

Show off your personality with a Recycled Plastic Statement Necklace - by Jenne Rayburn

For Spring 2012 we are excited to introduce this unique line of jewelry featuring colorful necklaces, bracelets and earrings constructed from recycled plastic components reclaimed from plastic shoes. Pressed and twisted, then cut and woven, I construct the plastic bits into multi-dimensional shapes, strung together using patina brass wire to create dynamic jewelry accessories. My son Max says he is glad to see us keeping plastic out of the North Pacific Gyre!

Contemporary Necklaces Crafted From Recycled Plastic Footwear - by Jenne Rayburn

Contemporary jewelry designs, individually created using recycled plastics and other found elements. Recycling can be stylish! The reclaimed materials and components for this contemporary jewelry line come from women in Djenné, Mali, West Africa, using techniques that make use of natural resources and waste materials to create engaging and desirable end-products. Money earned is used to supplement the family income, in some cases it is the only income.

Recycled Plastic Loop Necklace by Jenne Rayburn

You might be wondering, what is the North Pacific Gyre {sometimes called the Western Pacific garbage patch} and what does it have to do with plastic? The North Pacific Gyre is an area of marine debris concentration in the North Pacific Ocean, and much of the debris found there is small bits of floating plastic. The “patches” are not the only open ocean areas where marine debris is concentrated. According to Greenpeace, around 100 million tons of plastic are produced each year of which about 10 percent ends up in the oceans. About 20 percent of this is from ships and platforms, the rest from land. For a startling look at the issue of plastic in the ocean, check out this article called Plastic Ocean originally published in Best Life Magazine, by Susan Casey

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