Jenne Rayburn Holiday 2014

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Unique, one-of-a-kind and exquisitely handcrafted jewelry makes an exceptional holiday gift, or a special treat for yourself!jewelry-gold-silver-pearl-jenne rayburn


Nice to Meet You Lexington! Lexington, MA Open Studios 2014

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Thank you to all who stopped by my booth at the Lexington Society of Arts and Crafts this past Saturday and Sunday for the 2014 Lexington Open Studios Week-end. It was great to meet you!handcrafted_jewelry_jenne Rayburn handcrafted_jewelry_jenne Rayburn

A special thanks to photographer Tom Whelan, a member of the LACS Photography Guild, who gave me some great tips and did a photo demo using my jewelry as the subject. handcrafted_jewelry_jenne Rayburn handcrafted_jewelry_jenne Rayburn handcrafted_jewelry_jenne Rayburn handcrafted_jewelry_jenne Rayburn

Also thanks to photographer Daniel Eppelsheimer, who took a few photos of me! 

handcrafted_jewelry_jenne Rayburn



Jenne Rayburn Exhibits In ‘Jewel Tones’

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Opening this Sunday, March 23rd and running through April 6th, 2014 is The Lexington Society of Arts and Crafts Society Metalworkers Exhibit “Jewel Tones” In Lexington, MA at 130 Waltham Street. I will have on display, and for sale, ten new works from the Ossis Collection of handcrafted jewelry.

Ossis Collection of Handcrafted Jewelry By Jenne Rayburn

Ossis Collection of Handcrafted Jewelry By Jenne Rayburn

Sunday March 23rd the Gallery opens at noon and at 2PM guest speaker Munya Avigail Upin will present a lecture on the “History of Weaving in Contemporary Metals”. The Exhibit will stay open until 5PM, and refreshments will be served.

Long known for showcasing work by local artists living in Massachusetts and New England, exhibits at The Lexington Arts and Crafts Society typically feature collaborations between the different guilds and artists. Some of the most interesting work is often a result of collaboration, and this combined exhibit of metalworker and weaver guilds will showcase cross-discipline learning and sharing of artistic experiences bringing fresh perspectives to the work and the artists.

Holiday Gifts Galore! At the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society

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As a member artist of the Metalworkers Guild at The Lexington Arts and Crafts Society, you will find a diverse assortment of my handcrafted jewelry available for sale in the gallery, along with lots of wonderful holiday gifts. The December Holiday Market, which includes handmade items from nine Arts and Crafts Guilds, runs from December 4th through December 24th. The Lexington Arts and Crafts Society is located at 130 Waltham Street in downtown Lexington, Massachusetts. Holiday Market hours are Monday through Saturday 10AM – 6PM and Sundays 12PM – 6PM.Handcrafted-Jewelry-Jenne Rayburn-Lexington-arts and crafts

The Lexington Arts and Crafts Society is an organization of juried fine craft artists from throughout Massachusetts, with nearly 400 members, in nine guilds. The Society (LACS) was founded in 1935 as a non-profit regional education center dedicated to the preservation and promotion of excellence in both traditional and contemporary arts and crafts. With the objective to encourage higher artistic standards, the Society continually invites original local and emerging artists to be members to ensure that traditional crafts endure, are valued and are available to the public. Members of the Metalworkers Guild are an active community of life-long craftspeople. Membership in the Guild is by a jury process, and is for the lifetime of the juried member. The Lexington Arts and Crafts Society’s unique community, facility and resources enable local artists to practice their craft, learn new skills and sell their creations at the Society’s art gallery, which offers for sale original art and handmade crafts by local member artisans.Hancrafted Jewelry-LACS-Jenne RayburnHancrafted Earrings-LACS-Jenne RayburnHancrafted Vintage-LACS-Jenne Rayburn

The Lexington Arts and Crafts Society houses a gallery to showcase the works of the artists of the Society. The Lexington Arts and Crafts Society Holiday Market in Lexington, MA runs from December 4th through December 24th. The Lexington Arts and Crafts Society is located at 130 Waltham Street in downtown Lexington, Massachusetts. Holiday Market hours are Monday through Saturday 10AM – 6PM and Sundays 12PM – 6PM.

For more information go to:

The Lexington Arts and Crafts Society
130 Waltham Street Lexington MA 02421
Phone: (781) 862-9696

So Nice To Meet You! Wellesley Holiday Marketplace Craft Festival

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Josh and I had a wonderful day on Saturday, November 23rd at the Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club Holiday Marketplace Craft Festival. We brought new handcrafted jewelry from my Ossis Collection, featuring diamond cut nugget designs made from sterling silver and 14k gold, with flush set diamonds and topaz, and complimented by handmade gemstone beaded chains.

Handcrafted-Jewelry-Jenne Rayburn-Wellesley-Marketplace

Jenne Rayburn at The Wellesley Marketplace

The Wellesley Marketplace, a major fundraiser for The Wellesley Juniors Women’s Club (WHJWC), is one of the premier juried artisan gift shows in the Greater Boston area featuring over 140 exhibitors, selected to showcase their fine and handmade goods to over 2,000 holiday shoppers. We met so many lovely people, and really enjoyed our conversations and the great feedback! Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Victorian-Antique-Handcrfted -Jewelry-Jenne Rayburn

Victorian Antique’s Incorporated into Handcrafted Jewelry by Jenne Rayburn

Victorian-Antique-Handcrfted -Jewelry-Jenne Rayburn

Victorian Antique’s Incorporated into Handcrafted Jewelry by Jenne Rayburn

So many customers have asked me for polished sterling silver jewelry, so this year I pulled some beautiful antique Victorian pieces from my stash to create one-of-a-kind sterling necklaces.

Handcrafted-Jewelry-Jenne Rayburn-Wellesley-Marketplace

Josh Billings (Photographer Extraordinaire ) at The Wellesley Marketplace

Celebrating Día de los Muertos (with Jewelry!)

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My interest in skull jewelry, especially memorial and sentimental jewelry, began after I spent time traveling in Europe, visiting art museums. However, a trip to Oaxaca at the end of October a few years ago really sealed the deal. Día de los Muertos {the Mexican celebration The Day Of The Dead} remembers and celebrates the lives of those we have lost. And, it reminds me that I cannot resist incorporating skulls into necklace, earring and charm bracelet designs, as well as a few colorful beaded flowers and subtle rhinestones.

Etched Sterling Silver Teardrop Skull Earrings

Etched Sterling Silver Teardrop Skull Earrings by Jenne Rayburn

As a design image, skulls are timeless.

Throughout hundreds of years of art and history, the skull has communicated two important messages, “I’m dangerous”, and the idea of reflection, transformation and growth. The symbols and motifs we associate with these messages have always been part of a broader art and cultural movement, dating back to ancient civilizations like the Egyptians and the Aztecs who used the skull as a symbol of the cycle of death and rebirth. Memento Mori, thought to have originated in Rome and translated from Latin as “remember your mortality” speaks to the idea that life is short and death is the great equalizer. Symbolic Vanitas, a genre of still-life painting in which temporal pleasures are juxtaposed with a skull, were commonly depicted in Medieval times to remind people of the transient nature of all earthly goods and pursuits. The Victorian Era, one of my favorite time periods, produced Mourning jewelry, which was the height of fashion during Queen Victoria’s reign, from 1851 to about 1880. Our contemporary fascination with skulls in fashion can be traced to the mid-2000s when bad-boy designer Alexander McQueen made a crystal skull his brand’s signature, working to create a fierce identity not only for himself but also for the women he dressed.

Etched and Enamelled Momento Mori Skull Pendant

Etched and Enamelled Memento Mori Skull Pendant by Jenne Rayburn

I always try to project my modern sensibilities into the skull jewelry I create, while appreciating the skull’s historic significance. I encourage people to consider a symbol’s cultural and historical meaning. That meaning is always part of the artistic intent, even it does not immediately resonate with the wearer. Most importantly, a skull is not always about death. Sentimental jewelry is possibly the most misunderstood of all jewelry, especially when used to commemorate the death of specific persons. People tend to see it as morbid and grisly, while the intent was often beauty and virtue. Creating adornment to honor someone’s life, with a piece of mourning jewelry or Memento Mori that you can remember him or her by, is ancient and universal, and one of the key behaviors that distinguishes humanity.

Sterling Silver and Bone Skull Earrings

Sterling Silver and Bone Skull Earrings by Jenne Rayburn

Arm Candy ~ The Cuff Bracelet

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I love big bold cuff bracelets. Maybe because I watched Wonder Woman as a girl… Actually I insisted on watching a Wonder Woman movie with the boys recently, wanting them to have a holistic view of the superhero universe. (Queen Hippolyta, the mother of Wonder Woman, wears fabulous star earrings. But I digress). Needless to say, the cuff is a powerful look that has appealed to warrior women throughout fashion history.

Here is a peak at past cuff bracelets and I have more designs in the works. These are architecturally intricate designs, in matte gold. They range in size from several inches wide to a wee half inch. I would suggest that you match the scale of your cuffs to your shirt sleeves. With a delicate cuff go with a simple sleeve. When wearing an ornate, embellished cuff, or cuffs if you want to go all out, balance them with a strong shoulder or more complicated sleeve. Mix and match, wear on both wrists, and have fun!

0001JenneRayburn_CMAugustImages2012 0060JenneRayburn_CMAugustImages2012 Handcrafted Cuff Bracelet by Jenne Rayburn

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