Arm Candy ~ The Cuff Bracelet

September 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

I love big bold cuff bracelets. Maybe because I watched Wonder Woman as a girl… Actually I insisted on watching a Wonder Woman movie with the boys recently, wanting them to have a holistic view of the superhero universe. (Queen Hippolyta, the mother of Wonder Woman, wears fabulous star earrings. But I digress). Needless to say, the cuff is a powerful look that has appealed to warrior women throughout fashion history.

Here is a peak at past cuff bracelets and I have more designs in the works. These are architecturally intricate designs, in matte gold. They range in size from several inches wide to a wee half inch. I would suggest that you match the scale of your cuffs to your shirt sleeves. With a delicate cuff go with a simple sleeve. When wearing an ornate, embellished cuff, or cuffs if you want to go all out, balance them with a strong shoulder or more complicated sleeve. Mix and match, wear on both wrists, and have fun!

0001JenneRayburn_CMAugustImages2012 0060JenneRayburn_CMAugustImages2012 Handcrafted Cuff Bracelet by Jenne Rayburn


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