Treasure Hunting

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Most of the components for my vintage inspired jewelry are found right here in New England using locally sourced vintage textiles, buttons, and costume jewelry, and with up-cycled materials such as discarded findings and components from bygone jewelry manufactures. People are often surprised to find out that by the 1950’s most of the world’s costume jewelry was being made in America, and most American costume jewelry was made on the East Coast in Rhode Island and New York City, with glass “stones” imported from Swarovski and other European manufacturers.

The Brimfield Antiques Show is the largest outdoor antiques show in the world, with over 6,000 dealers and 130,000 visitors during the course of one week, held three time a year in May, July and September. I always look forward to attending! While I refer to it as “Brimfield”, the show is actually comprised of 23 fields, owned by individual promoters who lease spaces to dealers from all over the world. The large fields of venders are located on a mile long stretch of a two-lane road (both sides!) just outside the town of Brimfield, in central Massachusetts.

Sturbridge Antique Textile and Vintage Clothing Show

The Brimfield Antiques week starts off with a one day indoor Vintage Textile and Vintage Clothing Show in nearby Sturbridge. Approximately 250 Vendors set up at the Host Hotel, selling everything imaginable related to vintage fashion and textiles. I always look forward to the vintage buttons from Byson Buttons, and this year I found trims from the Tinsel Trading Company.

Brimfield Treasures

It is not possible to capture the amazing array of style and personality at the shows, not to mention all of the items for sale! Last year I saw some fashionistas walking around with a TV camera, but many of the vendors don’t allow pictures in their booths. Instead I furiously make notes in my sketchbook, endlessly inspired by the colors and textures of so many treasures. And, I feel very lucky to have a wealth of knowledgeable sellers in my own back yard. I look forward to chatting with people at Brimfield about jewelry history and culture as much as I do discovering a new piece for my collections.


Vintage Flower Statement Necklaces

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Nature is a primary source of inspiration for color, texture and form combinations for my work. Whether I’m driving New England back roads or wandering conservation land near our house, the creative juxtapositions of colors, textures, shapes, and symbols, even in my back yard, are endless.

Statement Necklaces with 1960s vintage enamel flowers, vintage glass and lucite beads.

Using both found objects and my own designed vintage inspired components, the vintage statement necklace collection is designed around eye-catching focal points and intentionally combines earthy with elegant. Usually colorful enameled flowers and rhinestone floral spray brooches take center stage, inspired by my love of gardening, and especially the flowering Clematis vines that bloom in the back yard all spring and summer. I have pretty much planted them to cover every vertical surface!

Late Spring Flowering Clematis Vines, in our Malden, MA garden.

Whimsical yet sophisticated color and texture combinations play a huge role in the unique personality of each piece and in the success of a statement necklace. Customers are very intrigued by the vintage craftsmanship mixed with the contemporary creativity of the collections. The handmade pieces are wonderfully original, combining artistry and imagination with functional details. I strive to create bold yet versatile jewelry that is also comfortable enough to wear all day, and easy to pair with any outfit. That is why ergonomics and wear-ability is carefully integrated into the design of each piece, resulting in jewelry with personality, that you can really live in.

Vintage Statement Necklaces with Enamel Flower Brooch, Vintage Glass and Lucite Beads.

It has always been my dream to own beautiful, confidence building jewelry, and that dream was the catalyst for becoming a designer. The right accessories can transform a simple, everyday top or dress into the outfit everyone remembers. While each woman is different, being genuine and original is key to a successful style no matter what your taste or personality. Be true to yourself, and try not to be concerned with trends or the opinions of others. Whether you love big, bright, contemporary statement earrings, or your grandmother’s favorite necklace, accessorize yourself with what brings you happiness. Adornment should be inspiring and a reflection of your individuality. When you feel good about yourself, you approach the world with confidence, which is the ultimate in polish and style!

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